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  • Accounts Receivable Business Process Outsourcing solutions.
  • Improve your organization cash flow today.
  • Efficient Accounts Receivable procedures.


  • A proven system designed to maximize the debt recovered.
  • Honest & Professional Recovery methods.
  • Localized expertise across the world.


  • Improve cash flow to support business growth.
  • Maintain good relationships with key customers.
  • Focus on core business activities.

Account Receivable Process

  • Collection training

    Arrangements can be made to conduct training for our customers’ credit control staff, where we will impart our knowledge for them to be better equipped with latest techniques and skills to prevent and handle similar cases in the future.

    We will also share our experiences on how to spot tell-tail signs of possible delays of payment by their clients, the excuses commonly given and tactics on how to minimise the potential risk of ending up in bad debts.

  • Reconciliation work for takeover accounts

    Accounts and documents tend to be messy especially when bookkeeping is not done properly. Companies involved in acquisition and takeovers may face challenges to reconcile and determine their actual finance status. This is where we can come in and assist accordingly.

    We have assisted many customers to achieve and reconcile takeover accounts by insourcing our staff to their offices, where we are familiar on things to look out for, as well as to recover the debts being owed to them.

  • First-party recovery

    If customers wish to maintain a healthy relationship with their debtors, while engaging them for payments of outstanding, special skills and rapport are required. At Equitasasia, we can approach debtors by using the company’s name in conducting recovery efforts and do the necessary follow up without tarnishing the relationship.

  • Due Diligence Projects

    Due Diligence Projects are usually carried out on potential key clients, either locally or overseas, to have a more in-depth understanding of how the subject company is actually doing in the market.

    Open sources checks are usually conducted to check whether there is any negative news on the company and their outcome. Field visits will be conducted to determine their actual business activities on the ground and their workforce numbers.

  • 24/7 call support

    We are here 24/7 to assist you accordingly for full spectrum of AR and risk management related issues that you may be encountering.

    Give us a call on your requirements and we will customize a solution for you.