Your Best Choice
for Collection Service

Your Best Choice
for Collection Service

Your Best Choice
for Collection Service

Welcome to Equitasasia

Companies around the world have something in common, and that is to have a good cash flow to build a successful and stable environment.

We have more than a decade of experience in debt recovery and our expertise stands out in how we operate with utmost integrity, honesty and transparency. We practice professional tactics in order to uphold our clients’ reputation.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Accounts Receivable Business Process Outsourcing solutions.

Improve your organization cash flow today.

Efficient Accounts Receivable procedures.

Our Advantages

A proven system designed to maximize the debt recovered.

Honest & Professional Recovery methods.

Localized expertise across the world.

Benefits for You

Improve cash flow to support business growth.

Maintain good relationships with key customers.

Focus on core business activities.

About Us

Headquartered in Singapore with wholly-owned offices in Asia which includes China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The company also have a network of tested and proven debt collection partners around the world which work on a No Success No Commission structure with a method that works.

Many satisfied clients from all corners of the world have benefited from using the credit management and the debt recovery services of Equitasasia from various industries such as banking, telecommunication, government authorities, tertiary institution, transportation, healthcare, energy, trading, manufacturing and property management services industries, etc.

Your Best Choice for Collection Services

  • Best Practices

    Equitasasia implements strict guidelines for all our officers to work professionally in methods of debts recovery

  • Due Diligence

    Our staff will adhere to local laws governing debts recovery in countries that we operate in and also ensure that our client’s image and reputation remains untarnished in the process.

  • Excellent Strategy

    With all these in force, we will seek in all avenues to ensure maximum collections of payment from your clients.

  • Positive Results

    We ensure clients satisfaction with our professional performance by produce positive results.